“Hey, are you having fun in the kitchen?” 是我的題目



媽媽則是甜點主廚,那天Raida負責洗碗盤… 那個畫面突然想起小時候的自己,想寫給當時10歲也在廚房裡的自己)


“Hey, are you having fun in the kitchen?”

How fun is it just seeing all the actions, right? So fast and cohesive,

together with sounds and smells; here is definitely more fun than TV games!

Yes, I like the strawberries, trimmings of ham, and the end cut of the baguette too…

Watch out, don’t get yourself burned while pouring vegetables into the pot!

And I know you wish to grow up faster because you can’t see the bottom of the pot,

and the chopping table is too tall as well…

When will dinner be served? I can’t wait to eat that meat pie! Smells just too good to be true!

How long will the chicken be cooked? It has been in the oven forever… Can I open the oven door now?

Ouch! The soup was so hot! Mmmm… did you try? Come!

Hey, okay, stop nibbling! Let’s bring all the pots and plates to the table! Let’s call everybody and eat!!!








我現在可以開烤箱了嗎?啊!湯太燙了!嗯嗯… 但很讚耶… 你試過了嗎?來!





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